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Appointment Making

Does your business:

•    Revolve around direct contact with prospective clients?
•    Involve product or service demonstrations before purchase?

Do you have the resources to commit your company to research, qualify and arrange valid and successful sales meetings?

At Perfect Pitch we know what precedes a successful meeting. Proficiently researching and qualifying leads to the campaigns specific stipulations, whilst gauging the prospect and addressing them appropriately.

We create opportunities for you to target the hard to reach decision makers, as well as get you in front of the right person who is responsible for the procurement of your services or products.

‘Waiting in the wings’ we have talented telemarketers who are capable of successfully arranging sales meetings and appointments who also have training and experience in speaking to decision makers leading to perfect pitch opportunities.

Taking full advantage of our diverse, energetic and motivated team allows us to build a genuine rapport which leads to the exchange of valuable information and feedback in order to define the 'hot' opportunities.

We offer our appointment making services to clients across Surrey and the South East. To find out more about these services why not give us a call today on 01483 422 998.      


appointment making