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Lead Generation

It takes time to connect and establish your business with a prospective client and can get frustrating wasting it on chasing a prospect that’s not right, using time, money and resources. 

This is especially the case when you can’t spare the man power to nurture and build a direct relationship with a current 'cold' lead.

We are able to generate business sales leads with recognised decision makers, leading to improve the success of your sales and marketing team; directly influencing your sales pipeline and increasing the conversion rate by warming new business opportunities and starting a direct relationship with them on your behalf. We provide lead generation to customers across Surrey and the surrounding area, tailoring our services to meet your needs and budget.

At Perfect Pitch we offer a range of multi-lingual telephone marketing services to increase the coverage of our client’s campaigns into new and existing markets without the overheads of a new country structure.

Our international telemarketing agents are true telemarketing professionals. Not only do they have the language capability to hold structured business conversations with your prospective clients but each telemarketer also understands the business culture of their target country and what it takes to be successful in that region.



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