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How to combine telemarketing with your email campaign

Combining digital marketing– e-marketing, PPC, SEO, etc– with telemarketing can make for a potent mix. It provides the ability to market en masse with digital tools, and to then follow up intelligently with a relevant, tailored call, to convert the contact into a lead. It's the perfect balance of digital and human to human (H2H) marketing!

Stage 1: Email your data
The most efficient approach is to send an email to the direct email address of the decision maker regarding your services. If you do not have this, it's worth spending time using telemarketing to research.

Stage 2: Prioritise
Start with those who have clicked on links within the email or have opened the email. Alternatively, prioritise based on sectors you have the most experience in, or where you know there is a need for your offering.

Stage 3: Start a conversation
On the call, mention that they might have received an email from you– although you already know that they have. Avoid telling them that you know they have opened it or clicked on a link as this can make them feel uneasy.

Stage 4: Marketing Collateral
Usually on a first call, the contact will ask for more information. Have something to hand, it could either be an edited version of the email you sent through, a case study, or a brief introduction. Remember to set a verbal contract for when you'll have a follow up call with them. Find out how to set a verbal contract here.

Stage 5: Plan your next steps
Update all your contact information and prepare the data for the next email campaign. Be sure to note down anything that indicates the buyer's preference for content, as the more relevant you can make your marketing to them, the better.

REMEMBER: Permission
You have a responsibility to ensure that you have permission to market to the contact. Purchasing lists from a bona fide data provider such as Corpdata – can be one way to ensure you have this covered. Do you have an email campaign that needs following up? Tell us more